The question over buying or building software is still raging. Is there a perfect answer? Claritas has been working with both private and public sector organisations to understand what the right strategy is. Often it is the culmination of both. There are standard off the shelf applications and services already doing the tasks that you require, such as accounting, word processing, email etc… however, to ensure your business remains unique, you will need customised software, whether that be web based applications for your clients, changes to standard packages, or internal systems that integrate with a multitude of other systems, Claritas has extensive knowledge and know-how in helping businesses harness the most from applications.

Addressing custom software is a challenge. A clear understanding of your business requirements is crucial. We have the expertise to help you ask the right questions and deliver the right answers. We have gained extensive experience in this area by taking on and recovering failing software solutions. We know why software works, and we know why it fails. We are here to guide you through the many pitfalls of software customisation and delivery.


  • Application design
  • Business analysis
  • Application writing
  • System integration
  • Database management


  • Application management
  • Documentation
  • Managed applications
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring and management

A selection of who we have delivered Software for:

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"Working with Claritas has helped to grow our business and to improve the service that we offer our brand partners. Clartias identified a number of key areas where we could improve the quality of our European network while reducing our overall costs. Their project teams have worked closely with us to ensure a seamless transition from our old networks to our new ones. Companywide communications have been dramatically improved. We continue to work closely with Claritas to identify further projects that will have an equally positive impact on our organisation. Hubs Bakshi, Head of IT McArthurGlen "The original Asbestos Risk Management application was completed to such a high standard and within the limited time scale required, that it has became fundamental to our wider business. It also established and secured a strong and trusted partnership that continues to this day. I am confident that this new application extension will be similarly appreciated." Barnaby Jagger, Project Manager, Network Rail "Our relationship with Claritas is based on total trust, which is so essential in our business. We provide a vital lifeline to millions and it is crucial that our site works faultlessly 24/7. The team who handle our IT have fundamentally changed our business by getting our new website to be all functioning and instantly reactive. And its introduction happened seamlessly. The project management, enthusiasm and responsiveness of Claritas continue to be the reason we contract the company" John Makin, Finance Director of NRS "Resource Manager has signicantly improved efficiency and accuracy within our loans department and has become a crucial part of our day to day processes." Paul Brow, Principal Learning Support Officer, Media Services, LMU

We deliver precise strategic thinking and I.T. direction that

can turn your concept from vision to reality. The core principles

of Claritas can be found in all projects that we deliver.