Week Ending: May 24th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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In a week that has stirred up even more controversy for Huawei, it’s not surprising that the internet can talk of little else. We have searched the world of I.T. and tech to bring you news on advanced car hackers, Minecraft pigs, Death Eaters and yes, our take on these potentially dark days for Huawei.

The trade war is coming for our phones

This week you have no doubt heard about the Google ban for Huawei in the USA, but what does this mean for its customers in the UK? Well, if you currently own a Huawei device you shouldn’t be affected. However, if you were planning on purchasing a Huawei Mate 30 which is due for release in October, you might want to reconsider. This device is likely to lose access to Android’s licenced services, meaning software updates will come much later. This could leave you open to spyware issues such as those experienced by WhatsApp users last week.

It does appear that Huawei has been expecting sanctions from the US government, as it has been working on its own operating system for some time. So, while this is a setback for the China-based tech company, it might not spell the end.

Read the full story here.

Car hackers

No that’s not a spelling error. According to Information Security Buzz, Tesla car manufacturers and owners need to be on the lookout for hackers.

Tesla owners will be aware that their car doesn’t have on board diagnostics like other cars, instead, a Bluetooth connector must be used to access them. This might not seem newsworthy; however, they have a static (and not so original) pin number of 1234 – see where this is heading?

Pen Test Partner research has found that “hackers could attach an ELM327 Bluetooth module to analyse the traffic and read CAN messages. If left in, a hacker could shut the car down.” It goes without saying this revelation has been quite alarming for Tesla owners who often leave the devices connected!

It may seem simplistic but to protect their cars, owners should ensure their software is up to date, disable any unused communication functions – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – and avoid plugging unknown devices into their vehicle. The introduction of ISO21434 will help car manufacturers improve their cybersecurity and monitor threats or attacks both during and after production.

Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No. It was a Minecraft Pig

If you were one of millions of people running around the streets playing Pokemon Go a few years ago, you’re going to love this! Microsoft has revealed its new augmented reality (AR) game Minecraft Earth.

Unlike the original Minecraft, this game is designed to get you off the sofa and out into the world. As you explore, you collect Minecraft characters to populate your builds. The game will be launched over the summer and could be as popular as Pokemon Go!

However, we have our wands at the ready to battle ‘counfoundables’ in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR game that was released in Australia this month. Bringing JK Rowling’s wizarding world to spectacular life, the game is set to be available to the rest of us in the coming months.

Will either of these AR games become a cultural phenomenon in the same way as Pokemon Go? Only time will tell, but we think even the biggest muggles will soon be playing along.

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