Week Ending: July 21st - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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Cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics in the world of I.T. at the minute and the past week has been no exception.

In our latest roundup of the biggest stories in I.T. and Tech we talk about what makes you a target to a potential cyberattack and which jobs are the most sought after in the fight against this growing epidemic.

The prime target for a cybercriminal is…


That’s the short answer anyway, the longer one is a bit more complex and depends on a number of factors, but in short, everyone is at risk of a cyberattack on some scale.

However, don’t worry too much just yet. The likelihood of an attack is dependent on how vulnerable your security is, how attractive your data is to hackers and how critical it is that you respond quickly to a ransom demand. Also, it’s worth noting you can take steps to ensure you’re protected.

So, who makes the list of the most at risk?

Academic institutions, governments, healthcare, energy/utility, retail and finance companies, and HR departments are all prime targets for hackers looking to make big money.

If you’re worried that your business might be vulnerable, contact us to discuss your options here.

Artificial Intelligence continues its rise to the top

According to Gartner Inc, by 2020 AI technologies will be prevalent in virtually all new software products and services and will be a top five investment priority for 30% of all CIOs.

The growth of interest in AI has been astronomical – in January 2016, “artificial intelligence” did not even feature in the top 100 search terms on, by May 2017, it was ranked No. 7.

It’s not all plain sailing though, information age has identified a number of problems including; a lack of knowledge and skills and the current technology being over complicated. These bumps in the road all need to be eradicated for this vision to become a reality.

Are you a cybersecurity professional in-demand?

The gap in a skilled cybersecurity workforce is growing year on year and expected to reach 1.8million people by 2020, leaving industries crying out for new talent to fill the gap.

Three roles have been singled out that top the most wanted list:

  1. Penetration Testers
  2. Cybersecurity Engineers
  3. CISO’s

If you think you might be the perfect person to fill the cybersecurity workforce gap and want some advice about pursuing a career in I.T. read the blog we wrote for World Youth Skills Day.

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to join the Claritas team. Have you got what it takes? Contact Pat Genn at to find out more.

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