Week Ending: June 23rd - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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It’s now officially summer and we’re back with another weekly roundup. Wednesday June 21st was this year’s summer solstice, the longest day of the year, which saw great amounts of sunshine in the UK – something we’re not used to or prepared for it seems.

With the week drawing to a close, it’s time for us at Claritas HQ to roundup the week in I.T. picking out key news stories we think you should know about.

AI could take your job one day

Don’t worry, it could yet be 120 years away but this week a global survey of experts in machine learning suggested that in just over a century all human jobs could be automated. Slightly more worryingly, the report by the Future of Humanity Institute, at the University of Oxford, speculates that in just 45 years’ time half of human jobs could be filled by artificial intelligence systems.

The group explained that it is inevitable that AI will outperform humans but not that it would ever be the same as or ‘conquer’ humans. Interestingly, the report does give estimate dates on when we can expect AI to better humans in specific tasks:

Fascinating stuff, however, with these reports it’s important to remember that they’re somewhat speculative.

Robotics and AI expert at Sheffield University, Noel Sharkey said: “Survey results about the future can be useful within a five to ten year range. That is the foreseeable future. Once we get beyond that, it is pure speculation.”

Four new cyber threats every second found in Q1

Mobile malware has significantly increased in Quarter 1 according to a new McAfee research report. Global infection rates increased by 57% whereas mobile malware has grown 79% in the past four quarters. Ransomware, something we deal with in-depth here at Claritas, has also increased by 59% according to the findings.

On the recent report, Raj Samani, chief scientist and fellow at McAfee said: “Everyone puts cyber in front of everything. Cyber-bully, cyber-security, cyber-crime. In turn, people assume it’s a different field, outside of their control or a risk that can’t reach them. It is crime, full stop. The fact that attackers use USB sticks to rob a bank instead of a gun means nothing. The sooner we recognise that we’re dealing with real crime and real criminals, and not simply an I.T. issue, the better.”

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The Queen addresses a Digital Charter

Finally, delivering a speech in Parliament on Wednesday, the Queen addressed the need for a digital charter to ensure online safety in the United Kingdom.

digital charter was a key part of the Conservative’s recent manifesto and their sentiments were echoed by the Queen.

“A new law will ensure that the United Kingdom retains its world-class regime protecting personal data, and proposals for a new digital charter will be brought forward to ensure that the United Kingdom is the safest place to be online,” the Queen said.

You can read more about the news here.

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