Week Ending: May 26th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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This week’s roundup in IT and tech is the last for the month of May. A month which saw Ransomware thrust into the public’s minds after a large scale cyber-attack, leading to businesses and experts working together to keep it under control for the time being. The month comes to a close with organisations seemingly more vigilant with their IT assets, data and employees.

This week there have been a number of interesting tech stories we thought you should know about. Let’s look at some highlights…

USA still dominates the tech world according to Forbes’ Global 2000

This week it was announced by Forbes that an incredible 49 of the world’s largest tech companies are from the US, with tech companies accounting for 118 of the Global 2000. Apple took the top spot just a few weeks after its shares hit a record high, not only is it the largest tech company in the world, but maintains its place in the world’s biggest companies ranking at 9th – just one place lower than 2016’s 8th finish.

Asia has continued to put pressure on the US with innovative companies continuing to battle it out for the top spots. South-Korea based Samsung took second place with another successful year of $174 billion in sales, $19 billion in profit, $217 billion in assets and a market cap of $254 billion.

Facebook is too making waves, rising 69 spots on Forbes’ Global 2000 since last year.

Nokia banks on nostalgia

The phone we all once had, Nokia’s 3310, made its return to shelves this week, almost a full 17 years after its debut.

Nokia’s newly (but retro) designed 3310 aims to keep all the things you loved about the old phone, but with added 2017 must haves – such as a camera (although only 2 megapixel).

The end result? A low in cost, functional phone, for those who don’t need a smart device. Alternatively, it’s being pitched as a “festival phone” or a “holiday phone” meaning it’s a backup to your number one should you not trust yourself.

At £49.99 the jury is still out as to whether this will be a roaring success or an eventual flop, but early reports detail a healthy demand for the phone – one of the main retailers, Carphone Warehouse, is already out of stock.

Its battery life is something to behold, claiming to offer up to 22 hours of talk time, and up to a month in standby mode.

We know what you’re thinking, does it have Snake? Yes. Yes it does.

Is bringing back nostalgic mobile phones a good thing? Only time and polyphonic ringtones will tell.

Facebook developing mind-reading technology

"It sounds impossible, but it's closer than you may realise" said Regina Dugan, head of Facebook’s secretive Building 8 research shop. The aim of Building 8 is to develop cutting edge, advanced technology for a digital future. One example of this, which made the news this week, was an attempt to improve technology that allows people to type words using their minds.

“Using brain implants, people can already type eight words a minute”, said Dugan.

“Facebook's goal, working with researchers at several U.S. universities, is to make the system non-invasive, as well as fast enough so that people can type 100 words a minute just by thinking.”

Fascinating if not mind boggling stuff. Do you think we’ll be posting via our minds in the future?

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