Week Ending: May 19th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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Since last week’s roundup we could not have imagined the scale in which Ransomware would hit the headlines. While always threatening, the scale of the attack on the NHS and other companies made global news this week.

With this in mind, we’ll dive right into the topic on everyone’s mind, something we specialise in dealing with.

Ransomware wake-up call

On Friday, 12 May news broke that the NHS had suffered a Ransomware cyber-attack. As the news spread, it was reported that the ‘WannaCry’ virus attack had in fact affected many more organisations, locking up to 200,000 computers in 150 countries. This makes it the largest cyberextortion scheme ever.

As specialists it’s our role to warn and to protect businesses against Ransomware such as the WannaCry virus. A quick look at both our website and accompanying social channels shows our approach to dealing with it but the real key is to be prepared and to already have protection measures for such viruses in place.

Alas, the recent attack has brought Ransomware to the public consciousness in a huge way. The systems affected appear to have been older Microsoft Windows versions which has led to industry figures both imploring people to update but also delivering scathing criticism of Microsoft.

While the controversy rages on, one positive is companies are realising more and more the threat of a cyber-attack. It’s now a business’ duty to ensure they’re protected no matter how big or small they may be. As the voices of authority on this we can help by providing tailored solutions for your business. It may just be worth a call.

In other news…

Despite everyone in IT & Tech seemingly talking cyber-attacks and cyber-security this week, there were other notable stories we think you should know about.

Alexa becomes more talkative

The forward thinking Amazon Alexa is to gain a host of new capabilities it was revealed this week. Alexa will soon gain the capability to deliver notifications from developers that decide to build them into their Alexa skill. These of course will be opt in and won’t be read aloud until asked to do so. Things such as food order confirmations and weather updates will now be sent to devices. Useful or annoying?

We’re undecided. Only time will tell as users tailor their devices for the apps they really love.

For developers, it’s another reason put money into producing code to utilise Amazon’s platform.

For Amazon, Alexa is gradually becoming a more and more efficient piece of AI.

Apple’s Patented Pizza Box

Finally, to finish off on a Friday with something ground breaking, industry leading and completely vital to the survival of a Tech company. Apple invented a pizza box.

For use in its campuses, in true Apple fashion, it’s white and it’s innovative. The innovation of the box is a series of holes in the lid of the container so that air can escape, helping avoid sogginess in the crust.

Apparently normal pizza boxes just won’t do, and it looks exactly how you’d expect it would.

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