Women in I.T. – why you should embrace I.T. when it finds you

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Last week we discussed why now is the right time for women in I.T. We considered statistics from a recent report and talked with two of our leading I.T. ladies at Claritas - to dispel preconceived myths and motivate other women to consider a career in the industry.

Today, in part 2 of our series, we explore the management side of the business. Speaking with our Finance Director and Sales Manager, we discuss why I.T. is an exciting and fulfilling career for those who work in the industry but are not programmers or developers, arriving at the conclusion that when I.T. finds you, you should embrace the opportunity.

Kirsty Sutton, Finance Director, 12 years in I.T.

Could you give me a brief summary of your role at Claritas?

I’ve worked in I.T. for 12 years and at Claritas for 3.5 years. I’m responsible for the day to day running of the financial operations of the company, including accounts preparation, cash flow, payroll, operations, customer and supplier relationships to mention a few.

What made you decide to go into I.T.?

I was given the opportunity to move out of practice into industry, working for a company I had been involved with for their audits. This was 12 years ago and they just happened to be in I.T., and I’ve never looked back.

What do you enjoy about working in I.T.?

I enjoy the fast moving industry where there is always something new to learn and/or develop.

What would you say to encourage more women to go into I.T. as their chosen career path? / Do you have any advice to give other women looking at a similar career?

I just happened into I.T. by chance but I’d say that once you’re in the industry you really learn so much. It’s a fascinating job and one with plenty of career development opportunities.

Andrea Olsen, Sales Manager, 18 months in I.T.

Andrea has been with Claritas Solutions for 18 months managing the sales and account management team to bring in new business and maintain solid relationships with existing clients.

What made you decide to go into I.T.?

I.T. found me! I previously worked in the healthcare sector for 10 years and needed a new challenge.

What do you enjoy about working in I.T.?

Being part of a team that provides solutions to varied and interesting organisations from SME’s to some of the largest National enterprises and even government sectors. I.T. is at the heart of every organisation so I enjoy assisting Claritas in being an integral part of the company’s I.T. team. The nature of the job requires keeping up to date with emerging technologies and I enjoy being at the forefront of the latest developments. I also enjoy being exposed to so many different industries. It makes my position varied and interesting.

Do you have any advice for other women looking at a similar career?

Don’t be intimidated by the I.T. industry being dominated by males or be under the false impression that it is dull. Being at the forefront of technology is far from it! Also in an era when cybersecurity is becoming more of a threat to us all every day, being part of an industry that is constantly developing new ways to prevent this is both challenging and rewarding.

A big thanks to the Claritas ladies who have contributed to our posts and provided us with insight into the industry for women.

Something to consider is the findings of the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study Benchmarking Workforce Capacity and Response to Cyber Risk. The report recently forecast that the industry is on pace to reach a cybersecurity workforce gap of 1.8 million by 2022, a 20% increase over the forecast made in 2015.

In light of this news, it’s clear that it’s now more crucial than ever that I.T. draws in the brightest brains and we want to encourage more women to take on this challenge. Moving into the industry could just be the next step in your career.