Week Ending: September 1st - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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A new month is here, we’re now officially in September and summer has well and truly flown over. August was not short of I.T. & Tech news and today’s roundup looks at the final week of the month - what made the news in terms of cybersecurity, I.T. and anything tech-related.

Here are three of the biggest stories from the web this week we thought you should know about.

Used tech company CeX suffers large cyber-attack

News broke this week that CeX has suffered a large scale hack in which customer data including names, addresses, emails and phone numbers may have been stolen.

CeX is a company with a chain of second-hand electronics stores, they can be seen in many of the UK’s major cities and towns. Alongside this, the company runs the website.

The tech firm is now asking customers to change their passwords after the hack which allegedly took place in late 2016.

A spokesperson said: "Late last year, we suffered what we believed to be a low-level breach in our online UK website security, along with a phishing attempt [i.e. when a spam email is used to try to steal information]. It was swiftly identified and fixed, and we immediately put in place additional security measures. No further security breach has since taken place and we would like to stress that at the time, there was no evidence that there had been any unauthorised access to customer data.”

"However, in August this year we received communication from a third party claiming to have access to some of our online UK website data from the security breach.”

"We immediately informed the relevant authorities, including the Information Commissioner's Office and National Crime Agency who are in the process of investigating and our cybersecurity specialists have implemented additional, advanced security measures to prevent this from happening again."

If you’re worried about your security, get in touch.

Instagram’s high-profile user data may have been breached

In another security worry, Instagram has alerted high-profile users that someone could have accessed their phone number and email addresses through a bug in the company’s software. High-profile users are considered to be celebs and influencers who are notoriously very influential on the platform, the average joes need not worry too much about this one.

The concerns were raised after pop star Selena Gomez had her account hacked earlier in the week. However, Instagram is confident the problem is now sorted. The company sent an email alerting users on Wednesday which ensured the bug had been fixed and that no account passwords had been accessed.

What you should be looking for when hiring

To end on a more positive note, Forbes published a great article this week which looked into 8 key traits to look for when hiring in tech. The article covered traits such as: critical thinking, passion, curiosity and adaptability.

The piece is a good read for both potential employer and employee alike. Take these tips away with you and apply them when you’re next hiring or looking to be hired.

That’s this week in a nutshell but if you want more content, follow us across our four social media channels. We’re posting about I.T. and tech news, cybersecurity, best practice and a whole host of other topics.