Week Ending: January 5th - A Roundup in I.T. & Tech News

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The United Kingdom is (perhaps reluctantly) back to work after the festive period. With January comes another working year to dive into - we’re back to work here at Claritas HQ with some exciting things planned for 2018. This means our weekly roundup, keeping you up to date with the latest I.T. and tech news, also returns. Let’s see what you may have missed in the way of headlines over the past week and the Christmas period.

Updates to Government Email Domains

Our partners Mimecast recently reported on the Government’s changes to its email domains. Moving away from its legacy infrastructure, the Government aims to enhance flexibility, trust and cost efficiency with the new change.

It brings about questions regarding what the change will mean in terms of cybersecurity. As the landscape changes dramatically, year on year it seems, the Government must evolve with it.

Cloud computing has been one of the biggest shifts which includes the use of email SaaS services. The ‘Cloud First’ policy for public sector I.T. may be the reasoning behind the change and with advanced email security systems now available, it’s understandable why the move would be made.

It’s something that businesses are adopting with speed, moving from on-premise to cloud systems, and the Government will hope for a more secure system in an age where cybercrime is only increasing. Read more about this on our partner’s site here.

Hiring more women in tech will be crucial to success

Entrepreneur and author, Sarah Lacy, has encouraged tech bosses to look at the data when it comes to women in their industry as part of her new book.

The numbers do not lie and support the claim that tech businesses are more successful with women involved. In this Wired article, Sarah shares an extract from her book along with some eye-opening statistics that should get bosses thinking.

Our favourites include:

15% The percentage by which gender-diverse firms are more likely to outperform competitors, according to a report by McKinsey

63% The percentage by which female-founded companies in First Round Capital's portfolio performed better than those founded by men

In 2017 we caught up with some of our female employees as part of our Women in I.T. series. Read the interviews here and here.

Ransomware vs. Cloud Computing

Ransomware vs. Cloud Computing may well be one of the biggest battles of 2018 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has warned. Tipped to be a focus point for cybersecurity experts throughout the year, the trend of big data breaches is likely to continue with ransomware aimed at cloud services a new focus point.

The storing of large amounts of company data will always mean hackers have an interest. Cloud Computing businesses are undoubtedly targets in 2018 therefore cybersecurity should be paramount to their strategy to ensure their company can deal with the ever-changing threat.

Read more on what the MIT Review believe will be the biggest threats to I.T. in 2018 here.

Those were some of the stories in I.T. and tech you may have missed this week and throughout your time off work. If you want more content however, follow us across our four social media channels.