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About Us

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Performance Before Profit

Because we have no shareholders to placate we are free to concentrate on providing a first class, cost tolerant service that is driven internally by performance standards and measurements rather than primarily focusing on profit levels and margins. We need to make a profit, but we are driven by customer satisfaction.

Security First

Because we have long term responsibility for many of the systems we create, we have learned to start the design process with security engineered from the very offset. We have partnerships with the leading security vendors in this space and these relationships span decades. The security first ethos even extends to the staff employed by Claritas. Every member of staff is a British citizen and is trained to work at the highest levels of security. Our staff are carefully chosen to integrate with teams that are self-governing and highly creative.

Vendor Independent

One of the driving forces behind Claritas is the independent view we bring to any solution. We have no financial ties to any of the vendors we utilise and receive no special compensation beyond the standard channel discounts which we pass on directly to our customers. This allows us to specify the correct products for the project based upon system requirements rather than allowing decisions to be skewed by vendor favouritism. We have resisted the pressure to align ourselves with certain vendors and we believe this agnosticism is one of the key values that defines our organisation.

One Stop Shop

Not only do we design, implement and support the systems we craft, we also act as a single point of contact for all third party suppliers involved with a project so the problem of juggling multiple suppliers is removed, leaving you with a single point of responsibility. We employ technical architects, business analysts, project managers, software programmers, support engineers and individuals whose job is simply ‘to get stuff done’. Our own internal development process has been honed over the years and has successfully delivered many projects, on time and on budget.