Rapid Response IT Benefits Millions

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Rapid Response IT Benefits Millions

Millions of NHS patients are benefitting directly from a super efficient and brand new web site facility which ensures swift delivery of essential daily living aids.

And the company taking the responsibility to ensure the entire system runs smoothly is Claritas Solutions Ltd, based in West Yorkshire. It has carried out the work on behalf of its clients Nottingham Rehab Supplies (NRS), the UK market leaders in the sector which provides and manages equipment and services on behalf of local authorities.

Crucial items such as mobility, toileting and bathing equipment are all now available to be delivered and installed within a matter of hours from the new online ordering service.

The site has been cleverly designed to resemble an online shopping site and would be familiar and feel comfortable to those who, for instance order groceries this way. The look of the site evolved from workshops with clinicians, who are the actual users, to ensure all their requirements were met, and which has resulted in this smart and innovative approach making ordering much quicker and easier.

Our relationship with Claritas is based on total trust, which is so essential in our business. We provide a vital lifeline to millions and it is crucial that our site works faultlessly 24/7. The team who handle our IT have fundamentally changed our business by getting our new website to be all functioning and instantly reactive. And its introduction happened seamlessly. The project management, enthusiasm and responsiveness of Claritas continue to be the reason we contract the company.
John Makin, Financial Director of NRS

Claritas earned the full trust of NRS through its rigorous test standards, applied before anything goes live on the system, its total reliability and its flexibility to adapt and introduce sensible options.

The mobile version of the website for use with BlackBerrys, Android, iPhones and iPads has also been set up and is a fully functional mini version of the website and provides another vital aid to those who need to order through the service for patients. This new and crucial addition to the service allows the clinician to place or authorise an order and track its progress whilst on the move, enabling real-time response for their clients.