I.T. Security Contract for Fleet Market Leader

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£100,000 Drives forward new I.T. Security Contract for Fleet Market Leader

UK's largest independent incident prevention and fleet management services provider, Huddersfield based FMG, has invested over £100,000 in a new contract with West Yorkshire’s Claritas Solutions, for an internal in-house security IT system. And one which fully complies with the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate, providing assurance that information security is in place and under management control.

Claritas Solutions, based in Bramham, won the contract for implementation following its proven track record and ability to independently identify the optimum system for FMG’s exacting requirements. FMG was keen to retain its IT security system in-house and not utilise Cloud based technologies, because it needed to keep close control over the solution and the ability to react to changing business demands.

As a provider of services to some of the UK’s largest fleet operators, and handling details of over 250,000 vehicle incidents per year, FMG requires robust network security that protects against emerging threats, while safeguarding its clients’ data and simplifying overall security management. The company also wanted to achieve ISO27001 accreditation, to demonstrate to customers and clients that information is protected when in its hands.

Essentially Claritas and our IT team have thrown a security blanket around the organisation for everyone’s benefit. Our new security solution has completely integrated all functions, making much easier to control all aspects of network protection from a single console. This gives our IT team more time for strategic IT planning, rather than handling day-to-day snags and issues. With our partner Claritas, we conducted a 3D Security Analysis on our network, which clearly highlighted the areas in which we needed to tighten security to help achieve accreditation.

Security gateways and software from Check Point, the world leader in securing the Internet, were recommended to fulfil these exacting requirements and to develop the fully integrated network security solution. The installation and Claritas hands-on management has now proved totally successful, a seamless transition ensuring there was no negative impact to working practice or daily tasks.
John Parker, Head of Information Technology, FMG
Companies that are ahead of the game are now recognising how the implementation of intelligent IT security can bring real benefits and significantly assist to achieve current and future business plans. Keeping ahead of the competition nowadays is a primary function of any well run business and by taking technology into the board room decision process is justly rewarding, as is proved by FMG.
Kevin Edwards, Sales Director, Claritas Solutions Ltd

A survey recently commission by Check Point of over 2000 consumers established that 52% risk committing an in house security breach in the workplace by using unsafe computing practice. This includes every day usage such as working with unencrypted USB sticks and forwarding emails to personal addresses. Claritas deployed Check Point’s security appliances running Data Loss Prevention, Application Control and URL Filtering Software Blades for FMG, to protect its network against malicious and unwanted network traffic and control access to social media, personal email, cloud drives and other Web 2.0 applications that often impact network security and employee productivity.

Overall we now have a greater visibility of user actions, and a real awareness of how even minor security aspects can be breached. All our users are now educated to be very conscious about the information they share in day to day situations both in and out of the workplace, and have given all at FMG a secure work space.
John Parker, FMG

With its solution devised and delivered by Claritas, FMG has been able to seamlessly integrate multiple layers of protection into an easily-managed solution.