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What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

I would like to thank the team at Claritas for their detailed, timely and professional approach to the deployment of Checkpoint Technology in our outsourced call centres. The installation to replace out older Checkpoint Technology across 4 high capacity locations was seamless and deployed within one month from the start of the installation phase. This could only be achieved by meticulous planning by the Claritas installation team with close cooperation with Capita personnel. Our historic experience of large firewall deployments has been arduous at best however this time our expectations were exceeded.
Roger Jones, Voice & Data Manager, Capita
Essentially Claritas and our I.T. team have thrown a security blanket around the organisation for everyone’s benefit. Our new security solution has completely integrated all functions, making it much easier to control all aspects of network protection from a single console. This gives our I.T. team more time for strategic I.T. planning, rather than handling day-to-day snags and issues. With our partner Claritas, we conducted a 3D Security Analysis on our network, which clearly highlighted the areas in which we needed to tighten security to help achieve accreditation.
John Parker, Head of Information Technology, FMG
As a result of using Claritas for our I.T. security we have received a high level of support and knowledge has been transferred when appropriate. Some of the pressure has been alleviated internally due to having Claritas available for support. We have also benefited from excellent communication and regular updates that may be appropriate to the business. Claritas are a super team to work with on all levels and I would highly recommend them.
Clare Webster, I.T. Manager, Daifuku
Previously our main problem had been ensuring that the technology was fit for purpose and to prevent costs from snowballing. We had used numerous suppliers all of whom claimed to be able to meet our needs but quickly demonstrated that this wasn’t the case!
Claritas proved to be an organisation that listen to and work with the client, often with vendors present, rather than trying to bamboozle them into buying new technologies which weren’t needed. With Claritas we are assured honesty, security and confidence.
Claritas’ solution meets, and in many cases, exceeds our expectations. We are given peace of mind and the confidence that the solution is built to last.
Lee Kilner, I.T. Manager, EMW Law
Prior to using Claritas we had no email security. The problem we had was that viruses and SPAM were getting into users’ mailboxes causing risk to the business. We only had desktop virus scanning prior to Claritas installing the MessageLabs suite. Since using Claritas for our email security the amount of viruses and SPAM has significantly reduced. On average, circa 12% of mail sent to the business was blocked due to viruses and SPAM. It’s very simple to use. It is a service that you put in place and very rarely have to touch it. The reporting shows the results you are getting and it gives peace of mind.
Through working with Claritas we also benefit from value for money, a reduction in risk to the business in terms of contracting a virus and good management information to determine the tool is working effectively. I would highly recommend this service to others.
Dave Dunhill, Head of I.T., Tuffnells

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